Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

The Eurasia Proceedings of Educational & Social Sciences (EPESS) takes reasonable steps to identify and prevent publication of articles where research misconduct occurs. If ISRES Publishing, the publisher of EPESS, or its editors are notified of any allegations of research misconduct, the publisher or editor will carefully review the allegations.If unethical practices are detected, the editors and publishers of the EPESS have the right to delete the relevant article. The responsibility of the legal processes to be initiated against such violations belongs to the authors.

Authors of articles accepted to the journal must fill out the "Copyright Transfer" Form and send it to the journal email address before publication. If, after the article is published, it is stated that a person who contributed to the study has not been added to the article as an author, the journal has the right to remove the article from publication. Complaints regarding missing or excessive authorship are examined, investigated and decided by the scientific committee of the journal. Journal editorial team uses the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) criteria as a reference for ethical problems such as authorship and contributorship, conflicts of interest, post-publication requests, etc.