Developing Research and Academic Competencies of Students through Three Cycles of Studies

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  • Natasha ANGELOSKA-GALEVSKA Ss. Cyril and Methodius University



Research skills and competencies, Academic competencies, University study programs


One of the primary goals of university education is to develop research and academic competencies of students as key factor for their academic success and further professional career. European strategic documents on education also stress the importance of these skills as an immanent part of generic skills of students. The aim of this paper is to present how research and academic skills of students are acquired through the three cycles of studies starting from the undergraduate to the doctoral level of studies. For this purpose, we first review the definitions of the research competencies in relevant papers and documents, so that we are able to identify which skills, values and knowledge university student should possess to be considered as competent to do research. Then we analyze to what extent courses for developing of research competencies are incorporated in the university education for pedagogues, educators and teachers, as well as how global research trends and tendencies affect the content of curricula and training. We can conclude that reforming of curricula in the past decades continuously enhanced the research skills of students through the university education at all three levels. Yet there is much more that has to be done in terms of better organized programs, gaining good research practice with introducing of peer mentoring, taking advantage of information technology which will include virtual classroom strategies for research, and strong cooperation with research institutions.




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ANGELOSKA-GALEVSKA, N. (2023). Developing Research and Academic Competencies of Students through Three Cycles of Studies. The Eurasia Proceedings of Educational and Social Sciences, 33, 63–69.