Impact of Conditional Economic Transfers on Poverty: The case of Equator

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  • Olga Alicia MAYANZA-PAUCAR Universidad Estatal de Milagro



Cash transfers, Poverty, Quality of life


This paper analyzes the impact of conditional cash transfers on poverty in the canton of Milagro, Ecuador. Several dimensions were postulated as possible factors influencing poverty rates and their reduction through the allocation of resources to beneficiaries, whose purpose is to improve their quality of life. The dimensions are framed within the scope of coverage, budget allocation, investment, economic characterization, poverty indices, level of improvement in the quality of life and allocation of the items received. The analysis is based on a review of the impact on the poverty of citizens, by conducting a focus group with personnel who work directly with beneficiary families. The study had a mixed approach and a descriptive-diagnostic and non-experimental cross-sectional or sectional design, since the data collection was determined in the period two thousand twenty-two. The findings found in the analysis suggest that poverty rates in the canton of Milagro have no relationship between access to the human development bond and the improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiaries.




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MAYANZA-PAUCAR, O. A. (2023). Impact of Conditional Economic Transfers on Poverty: The case of Equator. The Eurasia Proceedings of Educational and Social Sciences, 33, 104–111.